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The Easiest Ayurveda Spring Cleanse Ever

Finally, spring is here, and we may find ourselves in the midst of spring fever, clearing out our winter clothes, dressing a little lighter, revisiting our exercise programs, and lightening up our diets. This time of year it’s natural to want to lighten up both physically and emotionally and cleanse to shake off those extra winter pounds and brighten up for the rest of the year. There is a reason we want to clean everything out including ourselves – it’s natural! Did you know that even though spring cleanses seem new – they are well known in our grandmothers time. Spring bitters and tonics were all the rage to “get the blood moving.” Even in traditional eastern medicine like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the time to detoxify the liver and here in the west “liver tonic” herbs like dandelion and veggies like artichokes are naturally abundant this time of year. So, you want to do a spring cleanse, too? Here are my five top suggestions for an optimal spring cleanse, which should last at least a week: Start every day with a large glass of water with a squeeze of detoxifying lemon juice. For you sluggish Kaphas – adding some fresh ginger root is a one-two punch to feeling lighter and brighter. Not sure of your dosha? Take my dosha quiz. Eat a very simple diet for seven days: A good choice is Kitchari: made of basmati rice and mung dal, this dish creates a balanced food…

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