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What is THC? What is Tetrahydrocannabinol?

Dara June 9, 2022

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a chemical compound that is responsible for the majority of marijuana or cannabis’s psychoactive effects. According to a recent study…

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What Does Cannabidiol Do?

Dara May 30, 2022

CBD or Cannabidiol is a chemical compound found in the plant, Cannabis Sativa (hemp or cannabis). CBD is derived from hemp that only contains…

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MCT Oil in CBD: What Does it Do?

Dara May 27, 2022

You’ve definitely seen MCT Oil as a carrier oil in some of your favorite CBD products or in powder form in the kitchens of…

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Verma Farms

Dara May 24, 2022

Verma Farms Products is a health and wellness brand that carries a good variety of CBD products. All the CBD products they sell have…

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Should You Get Another COVID Vaccine?

Rebecca Gao August 15, 2022

Its been about nine months since the Omicron variant arrived in the country and Canadians were lining up for COVID shot number three. We…

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“It Sometimes Seems Illogical to Stay in Nursing When I Could Earn More for Much Less Effort in Another Job”

Sarah Liss August 15, 2022

Sarah Cleyn sometimes jokes that while she was in utero her mother, Maureen Farnand, used to whisper a mantra to her expanding belly: be…

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The Least I Can Say about Texas’ Native Bees

The Herb Society of America August 15, 2022

by Vicki Blachman, South Central District Member at Large There are over 20,000 bee species in the world.  Of those, close to 4,500 are…

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Organic Farming for Health with Joseph Lapiana

Ellen Kamhi August 12, 2022

Interview with Organic Farmer Joseph Lapiana, from Huntington, NY, where he grows healthy organic produce for anyone interested in “Pay as You Go” CSA…

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